Founded in 2002 as Resonance Counselling and Psychotherapy, Resonance Practitioners Ltd is run by Previn Karian as a counselling and therapy service for individuals requiring one-to-one intensive work and training for groups in commercial and public sectors.

Beginning with youth work and couples counselling since 1988, and integrated marketing driven change management for the SME and corporate business sectors in the mid-90s, two strands of individual and leadership-team building work have been at the centre of what emerged as the psychological service offering at Resonance. All psychological work undertaken with individuals takes into consideration not just individual and relationship issues, but socio-economic and employment conflicts that might need to be resolved by the individual for themselves. Client referrals have mostly been made from word-of-mouth and business networking groups since 2002, where a track record and professional integrity were the basis of clinical work. You can click on the Testimonials page here.


Resonance strongly asserts there is no single approach that can monopolize the human mind or the human personality. It is crucial for psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counsellors, social workers and GPs to state their differences and the limits of their work, so that the wellbeing of the client will always be the priority. There remains a serious need for professionals in the mental health field to work together by putting the client’s or the client group’s interests first.

Resonance uses methodologies from transpersonal, humanist and psychoanalytic perspectives to provide a multimodal practice that aims to fit each individual client’s needs and situation. Areas covered are:


Anxiety (stress, panic attacks, phobias, trauma flashbacks, loss of control)

Depression (motivation, self-harm, suicidal ideation, limited medication relief)

Anger Management & Self-Esteem

Eating/Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Mid-life Crisis/Career Transitions

Gender & Sexuality (see Publications link below)

Personal & Professional Development


Relationship conflicts, growth, exploration

Marital dysfunctions

Family coping strategies

Parenting styles

Leadership-Team Building:

Management-Team relationships

Management-Team interventions

Strategy & Project Management

Individual Leadership skills

Team and Inter-Department Communication

If you would like to discuss any of the issues above, please call 07932 044917 or email enquiries@resonancecp.com
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